Holiday Celebrations

Hi Guys i am very sorry that i was not able to update my blog, since there was a problem in my internet connection, this week was quite good as i was able to spend my most of time with my family because of Four day Holidays,

this week celebrated Holidays from 26.09.09 to 30.09.09 Saturday & Sunday was holiday as usual, on Monday Tuesday and Wednesday was a holiday for Dasehra which is Local fastival of Karnataka Celebrated in the last week of every September.

Because this was a regional holiday my Ammi and Abba were also having benefit of this, and they were with me at my rented house. we had a great time with fun masti and maza (fun and excitement) my brother waseem was center of attraction all the time with his comedy talk and teasing style. Heena a chef all the time this time she had cook pasta very Delicious. I had taken care of House kept it very clean and arranged All the things very nicely and beautifully.

Ammi & Abba were very happy after a long time we All short family members were united and had a great time. All were wearing sweet smile All the time which i felt was a symbol of Happiness felt from the inner heart.

I pray to Allah Subhanavatala to keep this smile All the time Ameen


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