Love Birds - Heart touching

Assalamu alaikum To All

while browsing orkut i went through my friend Sayyeda Mubinas photo album where she has posted this story, i really found it heart touching. take a look and read the story

1. The basic story goes something like this: A flock of birds had stopped on a highway (somewhere in the Ukraine) perhaps just taking a rest or maybe they had stopped a bit of food. A vehicle passed by and (1) One of the bird was injured and unable to move from the roadway ...... here his mate is injured and condition is appalling. Her mate lingers nearby offering solace and eventually

2. Here he brings her food and attend her with love and compassion.................... [[[["...and treat them (woman) kindly..." Holy Qur'an (4:19)]]]]....... [[[["The one most perfect in his faith is he whose conduct is best and the best amongst you is he who behaves best towards his spouse. "The Last Prophet (sallal lahu alaihi w sallam)]]]]

3. he brings food to her. On one of his return trips he finds his mate dead and seems to try to shake her awake. Aware that she is lost to him....................................[[[[Any woman who dies when her husband is pleased with her will enter Paradise. - The Prophet of Islam (saw)]]]]

4. He is aware that his sweetheart is dead and will not come to him again, he cries with adoring love. .........................[[[[How exact is the Prophet (s.a.w.) when he says: "A man's words to his wife: 'I love you' would never go out of her heart."]]]]
5. Stand beside her and scream saddened of her death..........he cries out in obvious anguish. .....................[[[The Quran mentions good wife as "comfort of eyes." (25 : 74) ]]]]

6. Every time a car passes, the bird flies off for a moment but then returns to mourn, his heart clearly broken. Eventually the photographer, concerned for the safety of the living bird, put down his camera, picked up the bird and removed it from the road. The grieving bird lingered in a nearby tree, "crying" and reluctant to move on. I don't know what species of bird this is, but I think it could truly be considered a "love bird."...................[[[["...and then (a woman) must be retained in honor or released in kindness..." Holy Qur'an (2:229)]]]]

[[[[AL Quran,(chapter 30:Verse 21). "And one of His(ALLAH's) signs that He created for you, your mate from among yourselves that you may dwell in tranquility with them and He has put love and mercy between your hearts verily in that are the signs for those who reflect" ]]]]

May Allah bless us

Thanks and Regards

Chat with My Pen Pal

After a week long gap i met my penpal online, it was really surprise and happy to know that she was fully loaded with new ideas and planning for those, initial i felt i must not disturb her but what to do i was impatient started troubling her disturbed her with my bla bla things ....

while interacting with her in YM we discussed so many thing, she explained me about her new ideas, she was very enthusiastic to implement that as soon as possible and she started working on that meanwhile i also tried to assist her in getting a good title for her new blog i gave some to 2 three names and words which i felt can be useful and suitable for her. She wanted the title of the blog must match to the posts and the content of the blog, she is really very intelligent and good thinker she got a suitable title for her blog, my words and name were not useful for her :( no problem next time i will give her some beautiful words and names so that it must suits to her ideas....

While conversing with her i got an idea to start social enterprise where we can help poor people who are needy not greedy, By providing them food and cloths which we can take from people who has extra and they think its of no use to them, i think there are many people around us who spends a lot on the changing fashion, if they like those things they will keep with them and if they dont they will throw it or they will sell it, i think in spite of throwing or selling if we give that commodity to poor (needy) Insha Allah we will get better rewards for that, not only here in this world here after too. friends tell me hows the idea and please dont forget to comment on this... if u people like this idea please support this with your ideas....

Netto Fobic Sunday

Today i had spent good time with my laptop, preparing my report, my journey bills, chatting with friends and browsing internet more than 6hrs....

Today i had a great time, same side my siblings waseem and Heena were getting bored they wanted to spend their time with me going out and having fun... as this week i traveled very much so i was not in mood to go out.... Sorry to waseem and Heena i wasted their day waiting for me to get free....

Insha Allah next week i will plan out some thing good for them so that they can have very good time with me....

Its 7:30pm now we have time till we go to sleep, now i am in cooking mood and i want to do a experiment in preparing new dish, lets see how i able to do that, about the experiment will update later .....

Tempelate Changed

Dear friends

since long time i was not making changes in my blogs today i felt the need to change something, so i changed the template of this blog, it was a suggestion of my pen pal too to do so, i feel this looking some what different and beautiful, thanks for the idea, i feel change is good,

if u like or don't pls comment, your comments are valuable for me

Unknown Sender

Hello friends,

ha ha ha yesterday late night after finishing my work came back to home and started doing my routine activities reading my penpals blog, upon reading her blog i found her yesterdays first publishing title was some what odd as she has updated about her health condition, content was good the title was some what i felt was not good so i texted her through free sms website, in that sms i forgot to update my name she felt that its an Unknown Sender and unanimous ....

ha ha ha it was so funny to see that she has updated it in her blog.

that's all for now

She stole my heart for 5 minutes

After a week long hectic work and horrible traveling back home on Monday morning, upon entering home i was surprise to see my aunt (Salma) and her children (Tauqeer and Tanveer) . they are here for vacation and my mum and aunt wants to spend some of their vacation time together, my mum is pretty happy with her they both are having good time with lots of past talks and fun.... i am also very happy that they both are staying together after a very long time.

Monday evening we all went for circus where we enjoyed a lot seeing reality stunts, they had called troops from Europe, Africa and Russia, and many wild animals stunts like elephant, hippopotamus, Dogs, cats, horses and birds parrots and many more, among all the most stunts was of cats and cats were very cute and beautiful that day i fell in Love with Black cat she was really beautiful, her walking style, her activities and stunts were simply superb her performance was for 5 minute during that i felt

She stole my heart for 5 minutes

A Sweet and Cute Guest

Hi Guys

Some one said kids are flowers of Heaven.

My cousin stays near by my town which is 30 minutes Train Journey and 1hr Buss Journey. she is working for a Government School as a teacher, she is married and have beautiful daughter.
On Saturday evening upon our invitation both mum and Daughter together came to our house, we were very happy to see them at our home,

Zobiya is very cute and very naughty gal who was center of attraction to all at my house, she talks very sweet and very funny. with Zobiya how two days went we were surprised,
find some pics of Zobiya below

On Saturday morning they went back to home town,we all are missing her a lot, hope soon she come again to our house

Thats All for now


Comments can be Posted

Dear Friends

there was a problem in my blog setting, today i reset it and updated all the necessaries ... Friends now you can post comments to my topics... if you find my topics are interesting please don't forget to comment and help in improving ...

Thanks and Regards


Hi All

today is birthday of my boss my reporting officer i wished him by sending a mail, email is a best medium used in corporate world to communicate and which has got importance to it.

this is how i wished him by sending mail

Dear sir,


Instead of counting candles,
Or tallying the years,
Contemplate your blessings now,
As your birthday nears.
Consider special people
Who love you, and who care,
And others who’ve enriched your life
Just by being there.
Think about the memories
Passing years can never mar,
Experiences great and small
That have made you who you are.
Another year is a happy gift,
So cut your cake, and say,
"Instead of counting birthdays,
I count blessings every day!"

With regards
Naeem Akhtar

Thanks to Orkut

Hi Guys

I have received request from few of my friends, they are asking who is your penpal and update about your pen pal. Truth is that i cant explain about that friend coz that friend of mine is "One in million" and no words to explain about him/her. I really admire him/her a lot.

After Singapore and Malaysia trip there was a craze about those country and i use to searching information and trying to learn the culture of those countries, among those my
most favorite activity was to search the Malay gals profile in Orkut and leaving scrap,

I peeped in Hundreds of Malay gals profile and scraped to many, among those very few responses i got and was able to reply them, I had scrapped to My penpal in orkut and got a reply where i replied again and our conversation began and we have been writing since last 5 months. how the time gone i am surprised!!!! and now we are good friends understand bit each other.

I am really very thankful to Allah subhanavatala he blessed me a gentle person and pray that our friendship grows stronger and longer.

I also thanks to orkut for providing me such a good friend

I think thats All for now Insha Allah will write more Very soon ....

Holiday Celebrations

Hi Guys i am very sorry that i was not able to update my blog, since there was a problem in my internet connection, this week was quite good as i was able to spend my most of time with my family because of Four day Holidays,

this week celebrated Holidays from 26.09.09 to 30.09.09 Saturday & Sunday was holiday as usual, on Monday Tuesday and Wednesday was a holiday for Dasehra which is Local fastival of Karnataka Celebrated in the last week of every September.

Because this was a regional holiday my Ammi and Abba were also having benefit of this, and they were with me at my rented house. we had a great time with fun masti and maza (fun and excitement) my brother waseem was center of attraction all the time with his comedy talk and teasing style. Heena a chef all the time this time she had cook pasta very Delicious. I had taken care of House kept it very clean and arranged All the things very nicely and beautifully.

Ammi & Abba were very happy after a long time we All short family members were united and had a great time. All were wearing sweet smile All the time which i felt was a symbol of Happiness felt from the inner heart.

I pray to Allah Subhanavatala to keep this smile All the time Ameen

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