House Shifting

Dear All,

Since December 2009 i am trying to update my blog, but running out of mind don't know what to update. let me try to tell what i did in whole month.

In the mid of December 2009 we got the result of My sister scored well and secured free seat in B.ed (Bachelor of Education) course. In the last week of December 2009 we admitted her to the college and processed all the formalities. when we through all the work we felt that the distance for her college to rented home is very long so we All family members together decided to shift our home near to her college.

On 2-Jan-2010 we shifted our house near to my sis college, the new rented house is almost in the campus of her college. its really cute house :) sweet and small :)

Main Entrance of Our house

Frontal view of Hall

Inner view of Hall

Straight view first door bedroom second kitchen room
i have not updated other room pics as that room has not been kept well, Insha Allah will keep and take some snaps and update it. :)

i think that's All for now ...

Best Regards

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