Micro Blogging

Dear Friends,

Long back i had registered with www.twitter.com but was un aware of what this site is all about, and one more important reason to join twitter was my penpal also is the user of twitter she use to tweet and i use to think what is she gonna going to do all this :) ...Few days back i found a profile of Mr Shashi Tharoor a well know TOI writer and politician i started following him initially i thought the tweets from him is a news.

On Saturday when i was browsing internet i found My favorite star Salman Khan has his tweet id and he tweets regularly really made me to study and get to know abt what is micro blogging and what is twitter is all about. I started following my favorite star and with him i found many famous personalities to whom i started following. 

This Micro Blogging is giving amazing experience. Its gonna going to reach its craze in me hope it will go long time. 

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