Walk In Aerobics A New Concept

Guys Last Sunday Dr. Prakash Kelgeri again Visited my house, we both worked on his research Topic. when i read it i found that it is really very useful to lead healthy life. Many of us without consulting Doctor or without any prior knowledge we set our wrong routine which leads to Hazardous health problem. which may some times leads to death of the person.

Dr. Prakash Kelgeri beautifully described in his article, how we can lead a healthy life without much stress and heavy workouts, for more detail please click the below link and read the topic full and get benefited for free :) :) :)

Wish u a very happy Ramadan Mubarak

May This Ramadan be as bright as ever.
May this Ramadan bring joy, health and wealth to you. 

May the festival of lights brighten up you
and your near and dear ones lives. 

May this Ramadan bring in u the most
brightest and choicest happiness and
love you have ever Wished for. 

May this Ramadan bring you the
utmost in peace and prosperity.

May lights triumph over darkness. 

May peace transcend the earth.

May the spirit of light illuminate the world. 

May the light that we celebrate at Ramadan
show us the way and lead us together on the
path of peace and social harmony 

Wish you a very happy Ramadan Mubarak

Blogger Friend

Since last 2 years i had a friend to whom i never met. he became my friend because we both have same interest i.e blogging. we were in touch via email and phone. Today we got an opportunity to meet each other, we chose our home to meet and we met. 

Prakash Kelgeri  is a medical doctor by profession he has completed MBBS and serving for Government hospital in Hubli, he has more than 20 years of medical practicing experience.He is a habitual blogger.

Dr. Prakash Kelgeri and me discussing about Blogs and Blogging

Soon he is coming with new ideas and topics of Health and fitness Insha Allah i am assisting him in this noble cause

Cousin’s wedding shopping

Beautiful Dress of Bride

My house last Saturday Loaded with marriage Shopping , above is picture of My cousin sister's Marriage Dress, Sandle, Purse, Necklace  ....

2 States Journey of My Marriage

A Beautiful Novel By Chetan Bhagat
Girl Loves Boy, Boy Loves Girl they get married 
In India few more steps
Girl Loves Boy, Boy Loves Girl
Girl's family has to Love Boy, Boy's Family has to Love Girl
Girl's family has to Love Boy's Family, Boy's Family has to Love Girl's family 
If Girl and Boy still Love each other . They Get married :)

A Story of Krish and Ananya IIM Graduates Chetan Bhagat had Beautifully pen down the story, while reading i felt like a movie is playing in front  of my eyes.The Book is of 269 pages i took a week to finish it. day before yesterday i had ordered 5 point someone of the same author today got delivered to my home. i am desperate to read it but time is not permitting me to read it :( .... This week is full of assignments and report preparation if i get bit of time will read the 5 point someone  otherwise week end will be the feasible time to read it .... 

Micro Blogging

Dear Friends,

Long back i had registered with www.twitter.com but was un aware of what this site is all about, and one more important reason to join twitter was my penpal also is the user of twitter she use to tweet and i use to think what is she gonna going to do all this :) ...Few days back i found a profile of Mr Shashi Tharoor a well know TOI writer and politician i started following him initially i thought the tweets from him is a news.

On Saturday when i was browsing internet i found My favorite star Salman Khan has his tweet id and he tweets regularly really made me to study and get to know abt what is micro blogging and what is twitter is all about. I started following my favorite star and with him i found many famous personalities to whom i started following. 

This Micro Blogging is giving amazing experience. Its gonna going to reach its craze in me hope it will go long time. 

Guys Click the Link below and Start Following me.

1st Aniversary

Dear friends,

I feel so proud that this month One year has been completed for me and my penpals friendship Relationship, i am so Lucky to have that friend in my life, I learn so many things from her, the most important is GO WITH THE FLOW :) 

Friendship is rainbow between two hearts - i was really unaware that this rainbow will form from India to Malaysia one corner of Rainbow connected to my heart in India and other is to Her in Malaysia. so precious and so beautiful.

I wish my penpal reach the heights of succeass and May God bless her whichever she likes in her life. and also pray to Allah suabhanavatala that make our friendship bond stronger day by day. Amin

This year she became aunt i wish her very bright and prosperous future for her nephew and Also pray that she get Good alliance and make her sisters aunt soon :) :) :)


Thanks to All

Dear friends,

Thanks to All friends who have promoted my blog in their Orkut.com profile,

Lots of happening since last month due to Busy schedule not able to update my Blog. This will not happen for long time soon i will update my blog.

Hope to see you people visiting my blog continuously and suggesting your friends to Visit.

Nice Religious Poem

Dear friend,

This is one of the nice poem i found while browsing internet i dont know who is author Once i get his name i will update it later. Kindly read and understand

I am a Muslim
And Allah I praise
For all His blessings
My voice I raise
In one Allah I believe
No equal has He
Lord of the universe
Compassionate to me
Muhammad the prophet
Taught me the way
To be honest and truthful
Throughout every day
The holy Quran
To life is my guide
Its teachings I follow
By it I abide
Islam my religion
Preaches good deeds
Mercy and kindness
To the right path it leads
Upon all humanity
Allah showers His grace
Regardless of colour
Nationality or race
Through working together
Our hopes increase
To live in a world
Full of love and peace
I am a Muslim
And Allah I praise
For all His blessings
My voice I raise.

Bangalore Trip

Dear friends,

Sorry it should have been updated long back, due to lots of work and busy schedule i am updating this post lately. last week of Jan i had been to Bangalore, it was fantastic and memorable trip, where i spent my quality time with one of my old and good friend, we both together visited Shopping malls, Forum, Garuda Mall, Star Bazar, Brigade Road, Commercial street also some of the good hotels of the city.

I reached Bangalore on Saturday morning, after getting fresh in a hotel i started preparing my pending Reports which is my duty and which i have to submit before EOD every Saturday, as usual i completed my reports before 2pm and kept it saved in my mail (not submitted), my boss called me several time asking me about reports i eventually said boss need some more time as i am not understanding what to write in the report he said i dont know anything i need report before 4pm i said dont worry i will complete within that. u might be thinking so bad but what to do its called as corporate funda keep hold bosses in your hand so that without u they should not do their work. if u quickly finish your work and tell to your boss what happens u know he will say good and dump his own work also on u .... hmm hope your bosses are not like this lol...

Evening my friend came and met me, we planed to go for a movie but bad luck we did not got movie ticket as Bangalores movie halls always run house full on Saturdays and Sundays bad luck :( ... we then moved to a Restaurant and spent our time sharing our experiences and had some food too :) ... till 8:30 we sat there and we moved from there to hotel.

On Sunday we had been to 3 Idiots movie in Rex cinema hall show timing 1:15pm to 4:15pm when i came out from the hall i was surprised to see the time the 3 hrs of a time went like a 3minutes, Good movies fantastic script have some social messages for students and youths moreover acting of Amir Khan, R Madhvan and Sharman is superb... over all good time pass...

After finishing movie we did some shopping and my friend left to his room and i left bangalore for my office.

Monday came Back on a work ... same routine started ...

I think thats All for now

House Shifting

Dear All,

Since December 2009 i am trying to update my blog, but running out of mind don't know what to update. let me try to tell what i did in whole month.

In the mid of December 2009 we got the result of My sister scored well and secured free seat in B.ed (Bachelor of Education) course. In the last week of December 2009 we admitted her to the college and processed all the formalities. when we through all the work we felt that the distance for her college to rented home is very long so we All family members together decided to shift our home near to her college.

On 2-Jan-2010 we shifted our house near to my sis college, the new rented house is almost in the campus of her college. its really cute house :) sweet and small :)

Main Entrance of Our house

Frontal view of Hall

Inner view of Hall

Straight view first door bedroom second kitchen room
i have not updated other room pics as that room has not been kept well, Insha Allah will keep and take some snaps and update it. :)

i think that's All for now ...

Best Regards

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