1st Aniversary

Dear friends,

I feel so proud that this month One year has been completed for me and my penpals friendship Relationship, i am so Lucky to have that friend in my life, I learn so many things from her, the most important is GO WITH THE FLOW :) 

Friendship is rainbow between two hearts - i was really unaware that this rainbow will form from India to Malaysia one corner of Rainbow connected to my heart in India and other is to Her in Malaysia. so precious and so beautiful.

I wish my penpal reach the heights of succeass and May God bless her whichever she likes in her life. and also pray to Allah suabhanavatala that make our friendship bond stronger day by day. Amin

This year she became aunt i wish her very bright and prosperous future for her nephew and Also pray that she get Good alliance and make her sisters aunt soon :) :) :)



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