Bangalore Trip

Dear friends,

Sorry it should have been updated long back, due to lots of work and busy schedule i am updating this post lately. last week of Jan i had been to Bangalore, it was fantastic and memorable trip, where i spent my quality time with one of my old and good friend, we both together visited Shopping malls, Forum, Garuda Mall, Star Bazar, Brigade Road, Commercial street also some of the good hotels of the city.

I reached Bangalore on Saturday morning, after getting fresh in a hotel i started preparing my pending Reports which is my duty and which i have to submit before EOD every Saturday, as usual i completed my reports before 2pm and kept it saved in my mail (not submitted), my boss called me several time asking me about reports i eventually said boss need some more time as i am not understanding what to write in the report he said i dont know anything i need report before 4pm i said dont worry i will complete within that. u might be thinking so bad but what to do its called as corporate funda keep hold bosses in your hand so that without u they should not do their work. if u quickly finish your work and tell to your boss what happens u know he will say good and dump his own work also on u .... hmm hope your bosses are not like this lol...

Evening my friend came and met me, we planed to go for a movie but bad luck we did not got movie ticket as Bangalores movie halls always run house full on Saturdays and Sundays bad luck :( ... we then moved to a Restaurant and spent our time sharing our experiences and had some food too :) ... till 8:30 we sat there and we moved from there to hotel.

On Sunday we had been to 3 Idiots movie in Rex cinema hall show timing 1:15pm to 4:15pm when i came out from the hall i was surprised to see the time the 3 hrs of a time went like a 3minutes, Good movies fantastic script have some social messages for students and youths moreover acting of Amir Khan, R Madhvan and Sharman is superb... over all good time pass...

After finishing movie we did some shopping and my friend left to his room and i left bangalore for my office.

Monday came Back on a work ... same routine started ...

I think thats All for now


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