She stole my heart for 5 minutes

After a week long hectic work and horrible traveling back home on Monday morning, upon entering home i was surprise to see my aunt (Salma) and her children (Tauqeer and Tanveer) . they are here for vacation and my mum and aunt wants to spend some of their vacation time together, my mum is pretty happy with her they both are having good time with lots of past talks and fun.... i am also very happy that they both are staying together after a very long time.

Monday evening we all went for circus where we enjoyed a lot seeing reality stunts, they had called troops from Europe, Africa and Russia, and many wild animals stunts like elephant, hippopotamus, Dogs, cats, horses and birds parrots and many more, among all the most stunts was of cats and cats were very cute and beautiful that day i fell in Love with Black cat she was really beautiful, her walking style, her activities and stunts were simply superb her performance was for 5 minute during that i felt

She stole my heart for 5 minutes


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