Thanks to Orkut

Hi Guys

I have received request from few of my friends, they are asking who is your penpal and update about your pen pal. Truth is that i cant explain about that friend coz that friend of mine is "One in million" and no words to explain about him/her. I really admire him/her a lot.

After Singapore and Malaysia trip there was a craze about those country and i use to searching information and trying to learn the culture of those countries, among those my
most favorite activity was to search the Malay gals profile in Orkut and leaving scrap,

I peeped in Hundreds of Malay gals profile and scraped to many, among those very few responses i got and was able to reply them, I had scrapped to My penpal in orkut and got a reply where i replied again and our conversation began and we have been writing since last 5 months. how the time gone i am surprised!!!! and now we are good friends understand bit each other.

I am really very thankful to Allah subhanavatala he blessed me a gentle person and pray that our friendship grows stronger and longer.

I also thanks to orkut for providing me such a good friend

I think thats All for now Insha Allah will write more Very soon ....


Azzy Cherry said...

hurm...who is yr penpal...he he he.. anyway..thankyou for writing it down about recall me back all those memories..

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