Belated Eid Mubarak

Assalamu alaikum,
Eid Mubarak - Wish you a Happy and Prosperous Eid.

Around the world eid was celebrated 2 days due to moon sight Gulf, Middle East, European countries and some part of the Asia celebrated eid on 20th.sep.09 and majority part of India including my home town we have celebrated eid on 21st.sep.09.

On the 29th Roza here in my country same time Malay people were celebrating eid. 29th Morning 4:45am Indian time and 7:15am Malay time i made a phone call to My penpal in Malaysia she was so happy and surprised. i was able to feel her happiness, her voice was so soft and amazed. She conversed with me for 8 minutes and 53 sec during this time i wished her and All her family members, i took that opportunity and wished to whole of whole Malaysia ha ha ha ........

Once again i wish Happy and Prosperous Eid


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