Happy Independence day….

Hi everybody ….

I extend my hearty greeting to all you on the occasion of independence day which is on tomorrow 15th aug hope u are all eager to read my day’s update let me first wish u Once again Happy Independence day….

I often sit down brooding whenever I ve little time left for myself after the day’s long toil and hard work. But when I perched to write this article I was bit torn out and confused and had nothing usual to write so as Independence Day is tomorrow I felt that the need of an hour is to enrich my oversea friends with glimpses of the vast and rich culture of our country “India”

To tell something about the vast and diverse culture is really a tiring task as it is so vast that I know not from where to begin .............even than I tried my utmost

We ve been largely a tolerant society embracing and respecting the dignity our friends and foes alike. We are more of a cooperative rather than competitive kind of people. People from different parts of the globe were attracted to India, either quest for material or spiritual aid kept them bringing here. I would not like to go in-depth of our cultural history as to a large extends it is available at any site. Indian culture withstood and flourishes amidst foreign ideologies only because of the fact that we are tolerant, sober and soft spoken people and these qualities have been instilled into us by our parents. Apart from scenic beauty we ve many interesting places to visit. Like beaches, peaks, deserts, monuments, rivers etc…………. I think that’s all for now

Many People

Many States

Many Languages

Many Cultures

Many Religions

These are the Many reasons “I Love My country”

Happy Independence day


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