Happy Friendship Day

"Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born"

This beautiful quote relates to my life. There is One friend in my life who represents a world in me. And gave a new direction to my life I really thanks her for being my friend and being my penpal.

I am really very sorry for updating this blog 1 day late coz I promised my friend I will update this on 1-Aug-2009 I m so sorry dear. But there is a reason to break my promise. Today 2-Aug-2009 is “Friendship day” auspicious day for all friends and their friendship which is not less than a festival. This made me to update my blog one day late.

I feel I should very briefly write about my self.

Let me try

My Name Is Naeem Akhtar, I am an Indian Muslim, born and brought up in Bijapur historical city of Karnataka state Country India. Presently I am working as Sr. Sales Executive for Bajaj Allianz Co. Business procurement channel. I have done my graduation in BBA and Post Graduation MBA in Marketing.

I am the elder son of my parents, who is a Teacher by profession and an elder brother for sister and brother who is university graduates. My family is of 5 members a sweet and short family which always thinks for change and development. We are strongest supporter of each other. As an elder son and elder brother I have many responsibilities and commitments towards my family. My mum always motivates me by telling, u are like an engine of a train and your brother and sister is boogies. Run in right direction the direction which takes you to success coz your brother and sitter attached to you.

Huh so many responsibilities m worried I can become a person like my father and mothers expectation or not.

Hmmm I will become or not is secondary matter but I will try my level best to be like that.

I think about me it enough today. The more I write next the more u will know about me.

I wish you All Happy And Prosperous Friendship Day and A Rocking Sunday.


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