Feb 2009 The most memorable month of my life

I was very busy due to work, my boss had given me many assignment ask me to complete within a month as next moth was march which was business year ending. Being a Employee and regular student of college I was having exams too I was unable to make out time for studies due to work. At the same time my college had planned a study cum entertainment trip to Singapore and Malaysia. I was very much excited to go. But was in tension due to workwork and work.

One fine day I had called to my boss and asked him to approve me Leave for 20 days, Straight away he rejected. He said 20 days is very long time its not possible for me to arrange so many days of Leave. I requested and said I want for my exam and for foreign trip please sir arrange it for me!!!! He replied me very rudely and said “You decide u want holidays for Exams or foreign trip”. so now the decision was with me. I thought for a while and decided to work while exams and take holidays for foreign trip. By the Grace of Allah I was able to work and give exams.

On the 14th of feb 2009 night we went to Bangalore to take our flight to Singapore. Our college has a tie-up with a travel agency they have arranged every thing on behalf of college. On 15th feb 2009 4:50am Indian time of morning we fly to Singapore.


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