Malaysia truly Asia

Trip to Singapore and Malaysia was awesome. It was most memorable trip of my life where we all friends together enjoyed a lot to the fullest of its extent. Every one in the trip was busy with one or the other things all were in study mood as our principal madam was instructed to prepare notes on visited spots and she had ask students to prepare a PPT.

Hmm I was only the student among all who did not follow the instructions of madam, she use to shout on me and I was very expert in defending he he he …

Me and Principal Saleha Ali

hmmm during the trip My most favorite activity was Bird watching (Code sentence “staring at beautiful gals) ha ha ha … I never missed chance of watching beautiful gals of the city of Singapore and Malaysia.

When we were roaming in Singapore we found it is the cleanest country of the world and people are dignified well mannered. Upon entering Malaysia my friends were gossiping that Malaysia is some what dirty and may not be good as Singapore bla bla bla.

Slowly slowly when we were started entering into Malaysia perception of those people got changed and i heard voices like waw, awesome, amazing, cool etc . when we reach Genting High Land through cable car they All forgot Singapore and there comments what they said while traveling. Upon reaching Genting Highland the Only voice i heard from all the Studets was """""""Malaysia truly Asia"""""""


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