Belated Eid Mubarak

Assalamu alaikum,
Eid Mubarak - Wish you a Happy and Prosperous Eid.

Around the world eid was celebrated 2 days due to moon sight Gulf, Middle East, European countries and some part of the Asia celebrated eid on 20th.sep.09 and majority part of India including my home town we have celebrated eid on 21st.sep.09.

On the 29th Roza here in my country same time Malay people were celebrating eid. 29th Morning 4:45am Indian time and 7:15am Malay time i made a phone call to My penpal in Malaysia she was so happy and surprised. i was able to feel her happiness, her voice was so soft and amazed. She conversed with me for 8 minutes and 53 sec during this time i wished her and All her family members, i took that opportunity and wished to whole of whole Malaysia ha ha ha ........

Once again i wish Happy and Prosperous Eid

Airtel is Worst Service Provider

i was a user of Airtel postpaid number 9611118566 which i had used from Feb to April 2009 from June 2009 to July 2009 i.e 2months of duration i was unable to pay my bill due to out of station and some financial difficulties flooded that time Airtel disconnected my connection. when i got my salary in Aug i had been to Airtel office and cleared All my old dues, I inquired with an executive Ramprakash weather the number is available or allotted to different user that time i got an information from Ramprakash stating that number is still available, So i clearly instructed an executive Ramprakash if the number is surely available then i will wait and take that number itself for that i paid Rs. 500 + necessary documents to the Ramprakash, mean while several time i asked to Ramprakash will be able to take that number back he very nicely assured me yes sir i will register that number for you and within 5 days number will be yours. Upon his sayings i believed on him and went back to my home.

After 5 days when i called to that executive Ramprakash he said that is in process and will get that number very soon i convinced my self stating that wait will get that number and can use it as it is my favorite number.

Mean while days passed i made many calls and personnel visit to Airtel office those people were very smart in handling people and buttering i use to get convince with them whenever i use to talk to them.

Before exposing you about my worst experience with Airtel, I would like to brief you about my self, My name is Naeem Akhtar from Hubli Karnataka working for Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Co Ltd business Procurement Channel my nature of Job is frequently calling to my subordinates and collecting the data from then which involves extensive calling.

So days passed made many calls to Ramprakash was asking him weather number is activated in my name or not he use to tell me sir i have registered that number with your name and activation is remaining if you want you can take away the SIM card i thought Ramprakash is telling this much means number has been really registered with my name again and i will get that soon believe me in that process one month was over.

On 27th-Aug-09 i was traveling from home to Belgaum for office visit during my journey i made a call to my airtel number 9611118566 i got to know that it has been activated i was very happy Ramprakash done a excellent job for me and i got my old number back. I informed to Ramprakash that number has been activated, he was amaze to know that i thought he may be aware of that actually he was not, he said wait sir wait i will confirm and get back to you. i said ok and in formed him i am coming to office to take my number.

worst evening i got a sms from that executive Ramprakash stating that sorry the number has been allotted to other person. you call to that person and request him to give that number to you. I was shocked felt like some has dragged the earth beneath my foots Cos it was my favorite number and i waited One month patiently without taking new connection upon assurance of Airtel Executive Ramprakash. I made a call to him and said i want that number at any cost you assured me will give that number he replied sorry sir i cant its not possible now.

I got emotional and said him if you do not give me my number i will drag you to the court and i will not leave you at any cost he said sir call to that Person and request him for giving that number to you I said when I paid you, why should I do that, and you should not suppose to ask me to do that kind of activity paying and begging which law it is, see Airtel is known for service and that service been served from executive like you if fail to satisfy me you will not only vanish your name and companies name too. He is very nicely replied I can understand your feeling but I am very sorry.
After a week I felt that I am wasting time money, energy and my emotion with that number I made a last call to Ramprakash before I ask anything he replied me Sir come and take your money, he didn’t even suggested me other alternatives like taking a new connection with some other good number. That time I decided Airtel is good too see in TV banners and hoardings not in hand and the punch line of Airtel – Aisi Azadi Aur Kahan automatically got Converted in my mind as Aisi barbadi Aur kahan.

What I lost:

 My number 9611118566 to which I emotionally attached
 Valuable time of One month
 My energy
 And my money during that month spent on calls and one call charge is 70paise which is very expensive for me in bulk calling
Over All I lost every thing.

The worst service provider on the earth is airtel

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