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Its almost 6month i haven't updated my blog it is not because i haven't got time its because my mind was got jammed and no idea was floating in mind regarding my blog updating. Finally made my mind and updating this post now.

On Last Ramzan i.e September 2010 i changed my company i diverted my career from an insurance industry to Agri business management company. when i was in Insurance company i really fed up of same kind of work everyday, which was making me feel like my skills inside me are dying. I thought of changing the Company then i started uploading my resume in leading job portals of India, few days later i started receiving a calls from companies and consultancies, it was for my bad fate all calls were from Insurance companies which made me feel sad and nervous. I knew the reason why it was not attracting other than Insurance company but i was helpless. 

One day while sitting at home i was running through my MBA college days memories their i reminded myself that i am missing some most important activity which i carried out which gave me exposure, enthusiasm and courage to build our own way. In year 2008 November and December i had carried out free promotional activity for Hyundai motors Hubli so suddenly rushed to Hyundai office and met manager and requested him to give me experience certificate for one year he instantly agreed and said you helped us and i will surely help you. with that confidence i again updated my resume with one year of additional part time experience. 

On 10 sep 2010 got a call from Mumbai based consultancy they said there is a vacancy in agri business management company if interested we will arrange an interview for you. without thinking for a single second i said yes. they arranged an interview for me in Hydrabad. On 15th i attended the interview and got selected


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