Malaysia Truly Asia-II

wow friends thanks for your tremendous response for my Last Post (Malaysia Truly Asia ). I am really surprised so many people read my blog !!!! i am really very happy Love you Guys.
i received a request from some of my friends Local and Overseas and some suggestions too . they want me to write some more about Malaysian trip and my experience.
I am not good at writing for you all guys i am trying my level best.
Trip to Malaysia was fantastic, it was full of Masti and Maza (Fun and enjoyment)
At the morning, our Guide took us to Multimedia University where we had lecture On the topic “Effect of Recession on globalization” frankly speaking i was literally not in study mood due to schedule i had to sit for that lecture along with my friends and teacher, where i learnt just nothing. horrible 2 hrs it was like 2 days for me that instant.
Thank God lecture finished. And thanks to University they have arranged delicious break fast for us.
Soon after finishing breakfast we had been taken to Jalan Bazar

At afternoon we had been taken to Pewter factory in Royal Salangore where i had some good time because of “beautiful Birds” how the time gone in “Bird watching” i was surprised. Suddenly Our principal madam shouted guys time over lets move to hotel. I said hold on madam i have to take some notes on this industry give us half an hour time we will reach the bus. she said good carry on guys only 15mints will be given… Thank you madam…. hmmm she was not knowing what kind of notes we were collecting ha ha ha ….
same day at evening we had been taken to telecom tower. which was really very tall. we reach the top through lift and the scenario was really beautiful. we were able to see whole Kualalampur.
Today i am bit busy Insha Allah will update more soon till then take care …


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